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We are pleased to annouce Beat Beat Shooter! our next game comming this year, take a look at the reveal trailer after the break!


This is our first and current game in-development, Beat Beat Shooter is a 2D sidescrolling "space" shooter with rhythm elements and a simple yet pleasing artstyle, we are trying to strike a balance of classic 2D shooting mechanics (not bullet hell but well.. we might have a mode for that!) with the use of rhythm to activate and improve the effect of powerups and weapons on the field.

The goal right now is to release it for desktop (Windows/MacOS/Linux) and mobile platforms (Android/iOS) with a possible release on other platforms. Click on any image to go to the WIP (Work-in-progress) screenshot gallery of the game:


Missing Dragonfly is an indie game studio dedicated to create games for digital platforms.

Located in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Missing Dragonfly was started in 2013 by two enthusiastic developers who wished to break from the chains of regular office work and just wanted to have fun creating videogames, and then... well, that's it! our story has just barely started but we are working hard at the moment to make sure there is more 'About' us in the future, so stay tuned!


Want to drop us a message? suggestions? a love letter or even a hate mail? We got you covered! just write us an email to or throw us a tweet @Missingdf, @Xhanim or @towanime, you'll hear back in no time.

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